Meg Kilgannon

Senior Fellow for Education Studies

Meg Kilgannon is a Senior Fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council. Previously she served at the U.S. Department of Education as Director of the Office of Faith and Opportunity Initiatives in the Trump Administration.

Meg combines her expertise in education policy with her skills as a coalition builder to promote excellence and accountability in America's public schools. She spearheaded dynamic change in her community by organizing parent groups to lobby school board members on important issues. Her leadership on these issues inspired the Virginia Family Foundation to name Meg as their Citizen of the Year in 2019.

Meg is a long-time advocate for women and children and a member of Hands Across the Aisle women's coalition, a multi-partisan international group of women working to preserve the rights of women and girls. She is also a trained FertilityCare Practitioner and former natural family planning consultant.

Meg began her career as an account executive for a public relations firm and served as the director of media relations for a national senior citizens organization and has experience in radio and television production. She is married with four children and is an active member of her parish. A graduate of Washington & Lee University, she enjoys time with family, hiking, fly fishing, and reading.

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