Meet Mattias

Mattias Vanderley was born and raised in London. He started working with his father’s landscaping business at a young age before accepting an internship with the provincial government where he assisted with constituent outreach and research for London and Middlesex County residents. Mattias has since branched out to work with other MPs, MPPs, and Ministers in similar roles. He is a community volunteer with numerous not-for-profit groups such as Uplift Ontario and Trek for Teens — two organizations fighting to end homelessness and poverty in Canada.

Mattias is running to be your Conservative Member of Parliament for London-Fanshawe for a few reasons:

1) Trudeau’s debts and deficits have seen us surpass $ 1 Trillion in debt. Debt that your children will have to pay off

2) Having grown up in a skilled trade family Mattias knows the issues and importance of the skilled trades for many in London. The skilled trades will make up 20 per cent of all available jobs by 2025. With institutions like Fanshawe College known for its skilled trade training, and with many Londoners working in this line of work, it’s important to have an MP who understands this industry and is ready to help nurture its development.

3) It’s clear Canada needs a plan to get us out of this pandemic which is why we need a new Conservative government to secure the future going forward.

Mattias proud to be a part of the Erin O’Toole team that will work hard for London-Fanshawe and all Canadians. He is pursuing studies at the Ivey School of Business and plans to pursue the Western Law dual degree program.

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